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Lead Awareness and Prevention

Tribal Educational Outreach on Lead Poisoning Prevention Lead

The lead poisoning prevention project created awareness to the Tribal community about the dangers to children from exposure to lead-based paint hazards and educated the target populations on how to prevent lead poisoning.

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Summary of the 2008-2009 Outreach Program on Lead Poisoning Prevention

Lessons learned with the Tribal Educational Outreach Lead Prevention Program was the different ways to present lead education and the dangers of lead to pre-school children, elementary students, junior and senior high school students, parents and Tribal elders.

Using Native American curriculum was positive and incorporating reading and questioning techniques to assure everyone understood the presentation.
Environmental educators need to do the research and learn all about lead so they can teach others about it.

The final product was a highly creative and professional teaching curriculum booklet that’s used for current lead outreach. The program increased community awareness.


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