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Fort Hall Projects

Building 1 Tribal Courts Building
Historical Uses Information

1893 Physicians' Quarters

1940 Chief Clerk Use

Late 1980’s Shoshone Bannock Tribes Court Building


Redevelop into office space, need to find funds to finish cleaning it out, Asbestos Abatement completed.

Building 3 Tribal Courts Building

Historical Uses Information

1896 Storage or warehouse of food for distribution (area was first known as Ross Fork District)

1920’s to 1930’s Office use

1980’s Half used for postal office, half for tribal courts

1990’s Tribal Courts


Still used as office space for Tribal Courts Engineering Controls in place Asbestos abatement completed Future: Unknown at this time
Building 5 Physicians Quarters

Historical Uses Information

Historical Uses:

1893 Residential

September 1, 1961 Vacated


Asbestos Abatement, boarding up to keep out vandals, HETO has building for redevelopment

Building 7 Irrigation Project

Historical Uses Information

Historical Uses:

1908 Project Engineer’s Quarters

February 14, 1941 Fort Hall Irrigation Project Headquarters


Office Space for Irrigation, Office Space for 4-H, Maintenance Storage & Asbestos Abatement

Building 29 Old Hospital

Historical Uses Information

May 30, 1923 Hospital

1973 BIA Natural Resource Division

1980(s) Shoshone Bannock Tribes Fisheries

1990(s) Abandoned


Finding funds for Redevelopment

Cleaned out from contamination to include

Asbestos Abatement

Institutional Control in place

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