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November 15, 2011

  • Chubbuck - Public Hearing/Recorded Comments: 4:00pm–7pm Chubbuck City Council Chambers 5160 Yellowstone Avenue Chubbuck

November 16, 2011

  • Fort Hall - Informational Meeting / Open House:11:30 am – 2:00 pm
  • Public Hearing/Recorded Comments: 4:00pm-7pm Fort Hall Tribal Business Center Dome Room Pima Drive and Bannock Avenue Fort Hall

Click here for the Press Release by EPA

You can also send your comments to: Chris Bellovary U.S. EPA Region 10 1200 6th Ave, Ste 900 Seattle, WA 98101 1

For more detailed information about the clean up at FMC-OU site and how you can stay informed and involved visit the East Idaho Is Too Great Too Waste website:


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The primary purpose of this Proposed Plan allows EPA and FMC to present the preferred method of cleaning up contaminant of concern (COC's) at the FMC-OU site of the Eastern Michaud Flats Superfund Site. One of the major concerns is elemental phosphorus (P4) in the soil. P4 is reactive in these conditions, allowing reactions occurring in the soil and potentially leading to the production of phosphorus acids and phosphine gas in the groundwater and soil. Other contaminants in the soil and groundwater include, but are not limited to:


For more information about human health toxicity associated with these contaminants visit the Agency for Toxic Substances and Diseases Registry

The areas at the FMC-OU site that are undergoing remediation according to the Proposed Plan can be viewed by clicking here. The types of waste and soil materials associated with each of these areas can also be viewed here in table format by clicking here.

EPA has stated that the preferred method of cleaning up contaminants is an interim amendment to the 1998 Record of Decision (ROD). The interim ROD permits the capping of P4 waste at the FMC site and groundwater extraction system at the site boundaries. Although, the tribes are in favor of the remediation process, we propose excavating and treating the highest concentration of P4 waste in the furnace area in a safely manner.


The following is a list of treatment options compiled by FMC and external sources in which FMC can perform to render the waste non-hazardous.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Treatment Request Letter

P4 Treatment Technologies_FMC_SFS_July 2010

Remediation of P4 Contaminated Matrices at FMC, Pocatello, Idaho_Walsh Report


Remediation at the FMC-OU site

The Eastern Michaud Flats has been a superfund site since 1991. The primary objective for listing a contaminated site as a superfund sites is to develop a remedy or clean up of the waste on the site (remediation). The remediation process of the FMC-OU site is outlined below and the corresponding technical documents are listed on this site.

A more extensive list containing the documents pertaining to the EMF superfund site is on EPA's website

For more information on a guide to the Superfund process:



Superfund documents regarding FMC-OU site

1998 Record of Decision: Eastern Michaud Flats Contamination

Administrative Order of Consent

Unilateral Administrative Order of Consent of EPA region 10 2010


Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Studies  

FMC – Supplemental Remedial Investigation Report for the FMC plant July 2008

FMC Groundwater Current Conditions 2009

FMC Supplemental Feasibility Report July 2010


Selected ReportsSelected Reports from the documents above to address various public concerns


Aerial View of FMC-OU (Google Earth)